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The Deane is situated in the heart of Kerr Village and neighbours a variety of local restaurants, specialty shops and artisan cafes. A short walk away is the vibrant ambiance of downtown Oakville, with an even larger selection of shopping, dining and entertainment. Elevated by waterfront views and 2,500 acres of parkland, this location welcomes scenic bike rides and long walks with family and friends.

The Deane Condos South Oakville
  • The Deane Condos Walk Score

    The Deane has a walk
    score of 83 out of 100

  • The Deane Condos

    2,500 acres of park land
    & Lake Ontario shoreline

  • The Deane Condos Safety

    Ranked one of the
    safest places to live

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    Best place to live in Canada
    by MoneySense magazine